The Power of All: Don’t Waste the Next Ten Years

One of my favourite books, The Power of One by author Bryce Courtenay, tells the life affirming story of ‘Peekay’, a young boy who grows up in South Africa in the years leading up to the second world war, and in his bid to become ‘welterweight’ champion of the World, manages to unite the tribes of Africa.

It’s a fantastic story with an inspiring premise that just one person can make a huge difference in the World.

And of course it’s not just idealistic romanticism. You only need to look at Ghandi, Elvis, Richard Branson or Elon Musk to see how much one person can influence so many others.

However, and unfortunately… in the world of web marketing there is no glorious ‘Power of One’, and failing to understand that is the reason there are so many ‘broken’ websites that cost tens of thousands of pounds to design and promote and deliver poor to non-existent results.

The Fallacy of One

In online marketing, focusing on one issue more than any other is what I call ‘The Fallacy of One’.

Understanding this concept could both save you and make you a small fortune.

First of all, many marketing experts seem to obsess about traffic, and may tell you that getting web site traffic (visitors) to your site is ‘The #1 Most Important Thing’.

But I can tell you, traffic that doesn’t generate sales or enquiries is both a waste of time and money if you’re using Google Ads or other types of paid traffic tactics.

Then some copywriters will tell you their craft, the art of copywriting is ‘The #1 Most Important Thing’

Yet I know of a ‘marketing expert’ who spent a whole year (!) helping one of his students to write a ‘perfect’ sales letter.

Unfortunately at the end of that year, when the ‘perfect sales letter’ was finally mailed, it bombed.


The marketing expert should have instead helped and advised his student to quickly create the first version and ‘get it out there’ and see if it got any response, before then spending any more time refining it.

If a quickly written sales letter gets even a moderate level of response, then at least you know you’ve got something to work with. Or if it instead gets zero response then it’s obviously time to try a different tack.

And many web designers believe that how a web site looks is more important than anything else.

Well, it certainly does make a hell of a difference to your sales when people look at a professionally designed web site, versus one that looks like it was designed by a five year old.

But even with a professionally designed website, without traffic, no one will ever see the design, let alone buy or enquire from it.

A case in point. I’m sure you’ll agree — Amazon is an amazing website.

The way you can buy things with a single click. The innovative way their site suggests other things you might like, based on your previous buying history. And it’s community features like Wish Lists, comments and reviews… it’s all brilliantly conceived.

But the first version of Amazon was nothing like that.

It didn’t have anything like a fraction of the features or product range it does today.

But what Amazon know, and do, is use the results and statistics garnered from live traffic flowing over their site to refine and optimise it.

What they did not try and do was create the full-featured current incarnation of their website before they started getting any traffic to it.

They understood the folly of trying to get things perfect before launching.

And the same principle should apply to your online sales and sales-lead generation software and systems.

It’s no good having a brilliant lead generation system that captures the details of more than 90% of everyone who visits your web site… if you don’t then have a very effective lead nurturing and follow-up system in place.

You could have a database of 100,000 people, but if you don’t follow them up effectively, what’s the point?

So, unfortunately (because wouldn’t life be easier!) it’s not about ‘The Power of One’.

It’s more about ‘The Power of ALL’ — in other words having an all-rounded web marketing strategy…, that excels in not just one of those areas but in all those areas.

But where do you start?

From what I’ve said above you’re going to need…

  • An outstanding web marketing strategy with…
  • High levels of traffic that gets lots of people onto…
  • A well designed web site with…
  • Expertly crafted sales-copy, and either…
  • A great sales conversion funnel to generate sales online, or…
  • A lead generation system that gets a high-percentage of visitors to enquire or ‘opt-in’ and automatically added to…
  • A highly-effective lead nurturing and follow-up system which in turn is…
  • Powerfully effective at converting a high percentage of those leads into big paying clients.

Almost overwhelming isn’t it!

In fact you may be wondering “where on Earth do you start with all of this?”

Do you start with traffic, or web design, or copywriting, or implementing the follow-up system… or something else?

Well my short answer is this… it really doesn’t matter!

(Note the list doesn’t include ‘A great product or service that you know your target audience actually want’. I’ve assumed you already have that, but if not then definitely start there! And how to start creating a product or service people want? Ask them!)

You need it all anyway, so why not just get start on something today… just be careful not to spend too long, or too much money on any one part of the above.

Don’t strive for a ‘perfect’ web design before you start driving traffic… because you need traffic to work out which parts of the site work well, (i.e. get responded to), and which parts of the web site your visitors don’t respond to and need tweaking.

Also don’t strive to write the perfect emails or blog posts or sales letters or autoresponder emails. Just write a first version that’s “good enough” then test it on ‘live traffic’ (i.e. human beings!)

With a healthy stream of traffic flowing onto your web site, reading your emails and blog posts, and going through the first version of your sales-process, you’ll find out specifically what needs improving first. Cut out the guesswork, and optimise the parts of the process that actually need improvement rather than the bits you think need improving.

Implement fast, be aware of ‘The Power of ALL‘… and finally use the web to take your business to the next level of profitability, wealth generation and personal fulfilment.

As always, I wish you every success with your web marketing.


P.S. At the time of writing this article I’m not able to take on any new private clients, but if you want me to help you implement anything you’re welcome to join the waiting list and one of my team will contact you when a slot next becomes available.


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