Profile of a Frustrated Business Owner (Anyone You Know?)

I once met a small business owner who told me he was really unhappy with the results from his website. What he told me sent a ‘shiver up my spine.’

Before I reveal who it was, here’s what he told me…

He said that over the last five years his website had received very little traffic, and as a result it hadn’t generated many sales or enquiries for his business.

He said his web site had done nothing significant for his business, and had barely recovered the time and money he’d spent on it.

He said he had spent a lot of time on the Internet searching for ‘the truth’ about how to make money online — he said he was determined to make it work for him.

Unfortunately he also said that he was worried about getting other people involved, because, he was worried about being ‘ripped off’ by overpaid web designers and inexperienced marketing consultants.

He knew that getting ‘to the top of Google’ was really important, but because he’s trying to learn and implement web marketing himself—while at the same time trying to run his businesshe simply couldn’t find enough time to do it, and didn’t really know what to focus on.

He told me he just wanted his web site to “sell, sell, sell!”

He wanted it to generate more and better quality sales leads every week, and to provide a stream of ‘automatic’ income and help him reclaim his life.

He wanted more traffic, more enquiries and more sales.

But he didn’t want to spend any more money on it without seeing a return on investment.

He basically wanted his business to support his family and help him achieve ‘freedom’… and he saw the Internet as a way of earning enough money on auto-pilot so he could travel the world and do whatever he wanted to do.

As you can probably tell, he was quite frustrated.

So, can you guess who was I talking to?


The person I met was “Mister Ed-Rivis-Blog-Reader“.

That conversation I just described was actually a distillation of the most common comments made by the more than two hundred people who took part in a ‘small business web marketing’ survey I ran some time ago.

I didn’t write those words — the people who took my survey did.

(Note: My survey was taken by both men and women – I could just as easily have used the pronoun ‘her’ to describe the above conversation just as easily.)

And here’s why this all sent a ‘shiver up my spine’…

This survey summary produced a profile that almost exactly mirrored me, how I was and the situation I was in, until I discovered how to make the web work for me and my businesses.

It couldn’t have been any closer.

Very spooky!

So how close is this to you?

Is the internet working well for you?

Have you ‘cracked the code’?

Or are you struggling to make it generate the extra streams of ‘pre-qualified sales leads’ and online enquiries and additional sales and revenue that you know is possible… once it’s all working effectively?

Leave a comment below if you’re struggling with any aspect of Internet Marketing – what areas are you struggling with?


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