How to Overcome Internet Marketing Paralysis

Internet Marketing should be

Have you ever got into your office and realised that you need to drum up business, and the internet is the answer – but it all just feels so overwhelming and complicated…

… so you don’t do anything!

It’s common. A lot of businesses have a website and… that’s it!

No ongoing effort to make the internet a valuable source of fresh enquiries and new business.

For some business owners lack of time is the issue. But for many others it’s simply not knowing where to start, or they’ve been ‘ripped off’ by an SEO agency and think “never again!”

It’s a huge shame, because the Internet should probably be your number one source of fresh leads and enquiries.

But I understand – to many it all seems so overwhelming so they don’t do anything.

I think internet marketing paralysis stems from one main root — not knowing which activity will produce the best results.

But here’s the thing — you’ll never find out until you try them. The key is to start small and test every step of the way.

As a first baby step, you need to quickly find out if your offer first attracts visitors to your web site — and that the web site is capable of converting at least a small (but hopefully a large) percentage of those visitors into paying customers or clients on the back end.

Google Ads is an easy one.

You control the budget, so you can start with a very small budget and small amount of traffic to a web site — then when you know it’s profitable, increase the daily budget.

But again, until you test it you won’t know if your adverts get traffic and your site converts sales… and (depending on your niche) for less than a hundred dollars you can probably find out in the next few days whether your offer is golden, or a damp squid.

The Key is to Start Testing

I remember the first direct mail letter I put out — how good it felt when all the response came flooding in… and then kicking myself because I could have done it years ago!

If you start testing adverts and they do attract visitors onto your sites… but none of them make an enquiry (or purchase) — that’s a great result!

You’re already halfway there.

Now all you have to do is tweak the site and run the advert again. It was probably because the offer on your site doesn’t match the claim made in the advert. That can be a quick fix.

The key is to put testing systems in place.

(For example, put a code in your print adverts and require that code to be entered on your web site — so you can see how much response is derived from that specific campaign.)

One of the best cures for internet marketing paralysis is knowing that your marketing is producing sales—it’s very motivating to do more of it!

That said, if you’re seriously affected by Internet Marketing Paralysis I recommend you read Robert Ringer’s book Action!: Nothing Happens Until Something Moves—it’s a serious kick up the you know what for anyone who isn’t making enough happen on or offline!


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