Here are links to key blog posts which will put you on the path to Internet Marketing success…

Note these tactics work equally well for small business owners, solopreneurs or in fact anyone who wants to use Internet Marketing to start side-hustles that generate extra streams of multiple income.

Step on the path at whatever is the most appropriate point for you, depending on where you already are in your online marketing journey.

To start with—and this is hopefully stating the obvious— you need something to sell!

If you’re a professional service provider then you should consider creating a high-value online course you can sell for passive income and to position yourself as the ‘ultimate expert’ in your niche.

If you already have one or more products and services then you need to create an Irresistible Offer.

Also if you haven’t yet create one or more Marketing Personas then make that your very next task—because it makes everything that follows so much easier. (Big hint: Without personas you’re just guessing!)

With a strong Marketing Persona in hand, you can now create an appropriate lead magnet, which you’re going to use to quickly build a big list of qualified sales leads.

Next, write an email sequence to automatically deliver the lead magnet and promote your irresistible offer.

Then, build a Lead Page that offers your Lead Magnet, and gets people signing up to your email list so they automatically start receiving the email sequence you just wrote.

With your lead page online, you now are ready to start using traffic tactics to your lead page using a combination of paid online advertising, print ads, joint ventures or social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram… and all the rest!

With your highly effective lead generation in place, you’re now ready to put a content marketing system in place, and gradually over the coming months reposition yourself as the pre-eminent expert within your industry and niche, and also start receiving free traffic as Google and the other search engines recognise your site as a valuable source of relevant information for your target audience.

And of course you need to Monitor your KPIs on a weekly basis, to make sure it’s all working like a well-oiled machine.

And that’s it.

Once you have all the above you have put in place what 99% of online marketers know they should be doing, but fail to properly implement.

If you have done all of the above you are almost guaranteed to attract more high paying customers and clients and grow your business faster than your competitors.


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