The System

The system I alluded to on the previous page is one which productizes your knowledge.

Huh? Come again?!?

Okay, how about this definition –

Scale Your Brain is a systematic process that experienced consultants use to create and sell high-value, results-focused online training courses, to generate passive income from more clients than they could ever work for on a ‘one to one’ basis. 


Quite a mouthful, but that paragraph encompasses everything ‘Scale Your Brain’ (or ‘SYB’ for short) is all about.

Let’s take a closer look at the statement, because — on the assumption that as a consultant you currently sell your ‘time for money’…

…the impact this will have on your life will be nothing less than profound.

The SYB process is thoroughly proven, tried and tested.

Over the last ten or more years online courses have made literally thousands of people millions of pounds, and helped them transition their business models from ‘time for money’ to passive income.

Now, you may or may not make millions of pounds (see below to get an idea of what’s possible) but at the very least it will transform your consulting business model, so you earn more money with less effort… and basically enjoy life more!

The SYB process has been specifically engineered for experienced consultants (including coaches, trainers, facilitators), who have been helping their clients achieve excellent end results (or ‘outcomes’) on a one to one basis for at least one year or more.

If you currently sell your knowledge and experience on a ‘time for money’ basis then the SYB process outlined in the next few pages will work for you.

The SYB process gets you to focus your time and energy on creating a high-priced online course, that helps people overcome some of the biggest challenges facing them in their personal or professional lives.

NOTE: There are hundreds (nay, more likely thousands) of articles, blog posts and other  online courses which will show you how to create and sell low-priced ‘information products’. 

Some experts even recommend you start by creating a low-priced ‘entry level’ product, to introduce people to your other products and services.

In fact maybe you have even already created and sell low-priced products like ebooks or even one or more ‘real’ books?

That’s all fine… but to coin a phrase… SYB goes BIG!

Because you need to create a ‘digital asset’ that you can sell to an unlimited amount of people for a high price.

The high price is important, because your online course needs an excellent profit margin so you can ‘flex your marketing muscles’.

(More about this later—it’s critical.)

The key thing is that because you’re going to create an online course with a high price tag, it needs to focus on a ‘critical issue’ that you can help clients with.

For this reason it definitely helps if you already have clients who you have helped achieve amazing results—especially if they’re willing to share those results with the world.

However, even if you don’t have any testimonials yet, I can give you a simple technique you can build into your future consulting activities so testimonials automatically fly in to your inbox.

(Again, SYB is not only about productizing … it’s also systematizes your consulting activities so you don’t have to be present all the time.)

To clarify what you’re going to be working on — SYB doesn’t show you how to create books, e-Books, or physical products delivered on DVDs or Blu-Ray… SYB is going to help you create an online course – which has your future clients will pay to gain access to, and ‘consume’ on their own without you needing to be physically present, or even on the phone or Skype (although we will be covering hybrid courses which may lend themselves to whatever service you currently provide.)

SYB will show you how to create an online course that needs very little care or attention for you – which means the income the sales generates will be passive income… money that rolls in while you’re doing other things, living your life more!

Only one quick caveat to the phrase ‘passive income’—it will need some attention from time to time, tweaking and monitoring the results, as well as managing orders and subscribers… but pretty much all of those activities can be outsourced and delegated to other people once you start getting sales and gain traction.

This last statement is the key to everything.

You currently sell your time for money. Maybe on a fixed fee basis, or maybe you charge by the hour or some other means… but your income is effectively capped by how much effort (time) you put into the work you do.

And of course, I know I don’t have to remind you how scarce and finite the resource of ‘time’ is… it puts a ceiling on how much you can earn.

Thankfully, by turning your knowledge and experience into an online course, there is no limit to how much revenue you can generate or how many people you can help.

Also, by turning it into an online course, the sales and marketing and delivery of your course can be 100% automated… which means it could quite easily become the best source of income you have every realised in your life so far.

(Okay that could be a massively presumptuous statement on my part 🙂 … but I can tell you once you have a second stream of ‘hands free’ passive income coming in to your bank account it certainly makes life a hell of a lot easier!)

Okay so now you know what SYB is, it’s time for a quick warning!

The SYB process is easy, but it IS going to involve lots of time and effort.

However, it’s worth doing.

Hopefully that is self-evident from everything I’ve told you above?

Plus, you may already have heard plenty of stories about people “crushing it” online, and have decided it’s your turn now?

Follow this process and you should be able to add an extra 6 figures to your annual revenues.


Well, the math is simple.

I’ll cover pricing in a lot more detail later, but just quickly to get an idea here of what’s possible… let’s say by following this course you create an online course you can sell for £1,000.

You only need to sell it to 100 people to generate £100,000 in the next 12 months, or sell a £500 course to 200 people.

Like I say, the math is simple. (A lot easier than my 13 year old son’s maths homework anyway!!!)

Now in reality you may need to spend up to 50% or more of the price of your course in order to find someone to sell it to—in advertising costs or affiliate commission, but who would turn their nose up at an extra £50,000 a year?

Plus, as you can probably tell the above numbers are both arbitrary and conservative. For example you may price your course at more than £2,000, or sell it to more than 500 people over the next 12 months.

Anything is possible.

Plus, one other thing to bear in mind when thinking of what’s possible…

You have a head start over many other online entrepreneurs … because you are already a consultant, and are already experienced at helping clients overcome their challenges.

It’s straightforward enough turning what you know into a high-value online course.

You just need to follow a proven system, like the one I and some of the biggest Internet Marketing success stories of the past decade have also used.

Here it is…


Scale Your Brain

5-day Free mini-course


Ed Rivis