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Ed Rivis
Ed Rivis
Chief ‘Brain-scaler’
and Masterclass host

This is my flagship online programme for consultants, coaches and trainers who want the fast track to create and start selling their online courses…

The reason I created this programme is because ‘back in the day’ when I was just getting started with Internet Marketing I literally spent tens of thousands on training courses… and for myriad of reasons struggled like hell to put them into practice.

Over the years I figured it all out and then had massive success, but it could have all been done in months not years, if only I had access to the right support network as well as all the advanced training, guidance and accountability.

In my experience, inexpensive training without support is a waste of money, whereas training with expert support, guidance and backup is always a worthwhile investment.

That’s why my Scale Your BrainMasterclass includes peer reviews not only with your fellow students, but with me too—I regularly check the group and respond to requests for critiques and reviews (I normally charge thousands of pounds to provide that service on a one to one basis.)

When you join Masterclass, you get all the high-level mentoring and support you need, so you’re not on your own at any point in the process.

The advanced training combined with expert guidance and support is how I’m able to guarantee that you will successfully complete the programme, and end up with a high value online course of your own to sell, and transform your consulting business model from time for money to something entirely more liberating!

Now with all that said, here’s one very big caveat…

You CAN’T Join Masterclass!

At least not yet anyway.

I only open the doors for new students a few times a year.

At the moment the best thing you can do is join the waiting list… but before you do I need to say something which may sound a tad harsh, but nevertheless, needs to be said…

I only want ACTION TAKERS.

I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been Internet Marketing since 1996. I’ve been there, seen it, done it, made the mistakes, got the ‘Loser T-Shirt’ … and then had massive success (and got the ‘Winners’ version of the T-Shirt.

So in a nutshell I give advice that works – but it only works for people who actually DO it. Positive action takers who listen and implement and don’t look for excuses or over-think each step. (Trust me, that last one is a real success killer!)

So before you join the waiting list, ask yourself… are you an action taker?

If so then by all means join the waiting list, but if you know deep down that you only want to buy into online marketing training courses for that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ you get when you pay big bucks for a snazzy new training course… this isn’t for you… don’t sign up and let someone else join the waiting list instead.

Okay so with that said, here’s where you can sign up and join the VIP waiting list…

Join the Scale Your Brain Masterclass
VIP Waiting List…

P.S. No commitment, no obligation

By joining the waiting list you simply get ‘first dibs’ opportunity to join the masterclass when I next open the doors. You’re never obliged to join, it’s totally up to you. (Plus you don’t even know how much it costs yet!)


Please do not join the waiting list if you’re not an action taker! (Remember my little rant above – I only want positive can-do type people in the Masterclass, so there is no point joining the waiting list if you know deep-down this would be just another programme you’re joining for the warm-fuzzies but will end up losing interest in once the work begins! Hopefully that’s not how you roll.)

One more thing –

If you’re still wondering what the hell this is all about, email and either me or one of my team will answer any questions you have.


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