Want Your Website to Make More Money? You Need a Strategy…

With an effective internet marketing strategy in place, your website should consistently attract more new customers and clients, and help you sell more (and more effectively) to the ones you already have.

Strategy is the key—and your website is just a small part of your overall strategy Internet Marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, most of the small business owners I’ve consulted with over the years didn’t have an internet marketing strategy. They just had a website.

It’s a shame. The opportunity cost is massive.

Having a great website but no strategy is like having a Ferrari, but not being able to drive it.

It may look pretty… but it’s not going anywhere!

Strategy is how some of the fastest growing businesses use Internet Marketing to boost their sales and profits by hundreds or even thousands of percent in 12 months or less.

For example when I co-founded a renewable energy company with my business partner back in 2015, our website was relatively simple—but it generated millions of pounds worth of sales in the first few years alone.

Again though, it was strategy, not the website that made it possible.

Now some people will look at a website and maybe copy various elements from it – previous incarnations of this website were commonly copied by other marketers.

They could see it was really successful, and thought if they copied various elements from it it then they would get the same results.

But in most cases that doesn’t work. Because like I said earlier, the website is just one small part of a larger internet marketing strategy.

So with that said, here are three of the most important ingredients of a highly effective ‘Trusted Advisor’ Internet Marketing Strategy.

(Note: This strategy may not be the one for your business – I’m showing this to illustrate what a simple strategy looks like.)


Using a highly detailed marketing persona to guide your content creation, you create and publish weekly content that both educates and informs your ideal prospects about how to overcome various issues and challenges they’re facing.

At the same time they also gain an understanding of how your unique services can help them.


The content you publish on your main website is then, every week, repurposed and republished in various formats (as written articles, podcasts and video) on the top seven platforms you have identified as the key sources of potential clients.

Each of those repurposed articles bring a steady stream of targetted traffic back to your site every week, and every week a good percentage of them sign up to your free report—which is in fact a lead magnet that grows your email list.


Every month you make buying opportunities available to both your email subscribers and website visitors— which result in high-ticket sales for coaching and consulting.

And that’s the strategy.

Using this simple ‘Trusted Advisor Strategy’ you would gain recognition as an industry expert, and then ultimately be able to form highly profitable Joint Ventures with similar recognised experts—and explode your business growth.

Of course you could do a lot more than that. But the overarching strategy is to become a recognised expert. It’s the strategy I’m using on this site at EdRivis.com.

However, that strategy is not the one we used to explode the growth of our wind turbine business. We did something completely different. And we used yet another completely different strategy for our renewable energy investment company.

You will need to come up with your own strategy that suits your industry, goals and objectives.


STRATEGY is the most essential ingredient that ensures your website makes significant, ongoing contributions to your sales and bottom-line profits.

Don’t spend any more money on fancy web design until you have a clear-cut Internet Marketing strategy.

Have a great weekend,

Ed Rivis

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