New Studio

I’m currently building a new video recording studio so me and my Scale Your Brain™ coaching clients can say “Lights, camera, action!”

A few days a month it will also be available for hire, so that anyone who normally struggles to find time (or the right environment) to make live videos can come to the quiet North Yorkshire countryside and spend all day filming, without interruption!

The last time I spent a day filming video with someone, we shot more than 52 separate videos — which they were then able to drip feed onto their social media every week for an entire year!

So if you’re struggling to find time to shoot video — but know that drip feeding video into your social media channels is one of the most effective communication channels available, this may be of interest!

I’ll announce more about this soon, but if you’re interested in hiring the studio services, fire us an email and I’ll make sure you get more information when the studio officially opens!

Ed Rivis

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