My #1 Favourite Email Marketing Software

Today I’m revealing my number one favourite email marketing software, that you can use to significantly increase your sales both on and offline.

As well as giving you a link to it, I’m also giving you the chance to receive a free copy of an online training course worth £97 which shows you how to get started with it, super fast.

(See the instructions at the end of this article on how to get the free training.)

However before you sign up for it, I want to give you the top three reasons why I like it so much.

But before I do that, very few small business owners know exactly what I mean when I use the phrase ‘email marketing’ so here’s…

Email Marketing in 20 Seconds

If you write an email to a SINGLE person, offering them your services, then technically speaking yes that’s email marketing.

However the ‘proper’ definition of that phrase refers to instantly sending a single email to hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousands of your prospects, sales-leads or existing customers and clients… at the click of a single button.

Having a large list of email subscribers is an amazing asset for your business.

It sounds a bit crass, but it’s true… if you have a large email list and the people on that list like and trust you and your business… then email marketing can literally be like having an instant cash machine.

You can get an idea for a sales offer, type out a message hit, send, and literally within 5 or 10 minutes start to see payments hitting your bank.

Of course there’s a lot more to it than that – and on this blog I go into detail on how to build a big list and then build a relationship with the people on that list. Subscribe to my blog to make sure you get those.

However, for the purpose of this article, I want to talk about my number one, favourite email marketing service, because you’re going to need an email service first—before you can start growing a list and performing email marketing.


Now there are lots of different services that you can use to perform email marketing.

I’ve tried and tested dozens of different services over the last 20 years, and they all had their pros and cons. 

The very first piece of software I ever used was called Gammadyne Mailer, which was installed directly on my computer.

At the time it was cutting edge. This was back in the early days of online marketing, and for a time it worked great.

However, these days you definitely don’t want to install email software on your own computer because of something called blacklisting. You can get into a lot of trouble with your Internet Service Provider.

Don’t get blacklisted – use an online email marketing service!

That’s why it’s a lot more common these days to use an online service, so all you have to do is login, create your email and hit Send, and it goes out to everyone in your database.

The service provider you use does all the Sending on your behalf – they take all the risk.

However, this is where we start to get good email marketing services and bad ones.

The Good, The Bad… and The Undeliverable

The bad email services have an issue with what’s called Deliverability.

As the name implies, Deliverability is to do with how many of your emails actually get delivered to each recipient.

If you send an email to 100 customers, and only 50 of those customers actually receive your email then that’s a 50% Deliverability rate.

Obviously if your prospects don’t receive your marketing emails then it won’t help your business at all, so Deliverability is hugely important.

Some of the services I used over the years had truly shocking Deliverability—not as low as 50%, but certainly low enough for it to be a big issue and good reason to switch to a different service.

That’s one reason why i’ve tried so many service providers over the years.

Introducing ConvertKit

The email marketing service I’m recommending is called ConvertKit — and it has a staggering 99% Deliverability rate.

In January 2021, ConvertKit sent over 1.4 billion email messages on behalf of their customers — their deliverability rate was an incredible 99.3%!

However excellent deliverability is only one reason why they’re so good.

The second reason I recommend ConvertKit is that it’s just so brilliantly designed. 

Simple User Interface

The user interface is clear, simple and easy to use, and it’s very easy to learn even for non-technical small business owners who are completely new to email marketing.

Most of the other services I’ve used over the last 20 years were far too complicated, and logging in to many of them to compose and send even a short email felt like a real slog.

ConvertKit however is— in my opinion — one of the simplest and most well designed email marketing services available today.

The third and final reason I recommend them is because of their pricing structure.

Free, with no Caveats

Most email marketing services have a basic free option, but they have serious limitations on the size of your email list before you have to start paying. 

However ConvertKit’s FREE option allows up to 1,000 subscribers and you have full access to the most important features to get started with email marketing.

So those are the three reasons why ConvertKit is my #1 favourite email marketing software.

  1. Extremely High Deliverability
  2. Beautiful user interface
  3. Great pricing… free for your first 1,000 subscribers! 

Give it a Spin & Win a Gift

I’m an affiliate of ConvertKit. If any of the people I recommend it go beyond 1,000 subscribers and decide to become a paying customer, then I earn a small commission.

However I’m only recommending it because I love it, and I think you will too.

Click here to learn how to create your free ConvertKit account and also on that web page I explain how you can claim a free copy of an online training course I created called ConvertKit Quick… where I show you step by step how to get started super-fast.

Happy email marketing!


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