How to Make Sure Your New Online Course Sells Like Crazy

Sell your online course

Unfortunately, many people who put tonnes of time and effort into creating an online course never get to the point where they actually start selling it.

That’s bad enough, but a much worse scenario is when, after many months of late nights and long weekends, someone does manage to finally finish their course, launch it with a fanfare… only to then discover no one wants it!

Don’t Get Distracted

My free training course, Scale Your Brain has ten distinct sections. From brainstorming your online course, right through to writing a sales letter and launching it so people can start buying access to it.

However, some of those sections involve work, whereas other sections are a lot of fun.

It’s easy to be distracted with the ‘fun’ sections, and jump straight to those, and forget all about the critical earlier sections.

Plan to Prepare

Ever heard the military acronym “The 7 Ps”?

Well, that acronym that applies to online course creation too.

It’s WHY I created Scale Your Brain… to provide a step-by-step plan to help UK consultants, coaches and trainers create and launch a passive-income generating online course.

But here’s the challenge.

Some of the steps involve time and effort—and maybe even stepping out of your comfort zone slightly. They’re not as much ‘fun’ as the steps where you record your course for example.

Most people—myself included—just want to start work on the course, and skip the market research part.

BIG mistake.

To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt ~ “Do one interview every day that scares you.”  (Or ideally ten interviews!)

The ‘validation’ (market research) stage of the process—in fact every stage of the process—are all vital.

To illustrate, let me tell you a story to explain why I know each stage is critical…

Around 2008 a chap I knew set about creating what he thought would be ‘The Mother of All Internet Marketing Training Courses’ (that’s not what he called it, but you catch my drift.)

Anyway, he spent months working on it. It was his ‘magnum opus’… a veritable masterpiece of creativity and ingenuity.

It was beautifully designed, contained highly valuable information, and was destined to be a sure-fire hit, and generate millions upon millions of pounds in sales.

And then… it was a complete flop.

No one wanted to buy it.

Because this chap thought he knew better what the market wanted, he hadn’t bothered to ask the market first.

He hadn’t done any research, not chatted his idea through with anyone – especially none of the types of people he intended to sell it to.

And that year was one of his lowest income years in all the time he had been consulting. It was a big blow.

So… have you worked it out yet?

I bet you have.

Yep… it was me!

I’d already had great success online to that point, and I guess my ego had built up to the point where I thought I could just come up with an idea, without any external input… and it would just sell, sell, sell.

But after literally months creating it and finally launching it… I could barely give it away, let alone sell it.

No one was interested in my great idea. The product was way off what people actually wanted.

To say I was ‘gutted’ at the poor response to my ‘best course ever’ is an understatement!

From that day one, anytime I got an idea for a new course I always surveyed (I used and interviewed people (I used a telephone! 😉 about my next product idea.

I took the time and effort to double and triple check that what I thought people NEEDED was aligned with what they WANTED.

My subsequent product launches were a lot more successful – simply because I stopped assuming and started asking.

So, please do yourself a favour.

If you go through my Scale Your Brain programme (it’s free), don’t skip any of the steps in the process.

Follow them in sequence, and give yourself every chance of success creating a high-value online course that sells in volume, and becomes one of the best sources of ‘passive consulting income’ you’ve ever experienced.

I look forward to hearing about your future success.


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Ed Rivis