How an Irresistible Offer Will Explode Your Sales-Leads

Use an irresistible offer to promote your sales leads

Someone who recently finished reading my latest e-book asked me where I got the term ‘Irresistible Offer’ from.

He kindly suggested I’d “borrowed” the term from renowned Internet marketer Mark Joyner, who authored a great book by the same name.

The truth is I can’t remember where I ‘got’ it from — probably from my first business coach back in 2003. (If not the term, Paul certainly introduced me to the concept back in 2003.)

The fact is it doesn’t really matter where I got the term from—as the saying goes, “We’re all stood on the shoulders of giants.”

The only point worth considering is that an ‘Irresistible Offer’ is one of the big secrets to attracting HUGE volumes of NEW customers or clients in a very short time-frame.

An effective and genuine Irresistible Offer will leave large numbers of prospects clamouring to buy more from you, and will pave the way to massive, rapid business growth… especially when used in conjunction with Lead Pages.

Over the years, my lead pages offering free things like The ‘7 Biggest Secrets’ e-book and free access to The Content Idea Generator have added tens of thousands of prospects and qualified sales leads onto my email database… many of whom by that time will have bought my book and other products to become ‘active’ customers.

(I even use this tactic to generate sales leads for one of my renewable energy companies, over at Boythorpe Wind Energy.)

By creating an ‘Irresistible Offer’ and promoting it via lead pages, you too could generate huge numbers of sales leads and achieve an astounding rate of business growth.

And in truth, it’s all so darn simple.

An irresistible offer, and a lead page.


And yet hardly ANY small business owners are taking advantage of the tactic to sell more and grow faster.

Okay, so in case you’re wondering exactly what an Irresistible Offer is, I’ll tell you right now — so that the moment you finish reading this you’ll put one together for your own business.

Your Irresistible Offer

It’s a ‘lure’ you use to attract NEW, targeted customers or clients into your business.

It’s the best selling product you make available at a price that’s SO low your competitors will think you’ve lost your marbles.

Fools! Have you seen Jones & Son? They’re selling Widgets at wholesale… HA! They’ll be out of business in a few weeks and it’ll damn well serve them right!”

Of course what their competitors fail to realise is that Jones & Son may only be breaking even, selling Widgets to NEW customers this way—but they’ll then have a brand new stream of customers to up-sell their full range of Widget related products and accessories in future.

They’ll also be able to cross-sell other product lines (once they fully understand their new customers needs – and a quick online survey can uncover those needs.)

And they’ll be able to leverage the rapidly growing list of new customers by recommending complementary products from other companies (for a nice commission of course!)

Also don’t make the mistake of thinking that because professional service companies don’t sell ‘products’ they don’t have anything ‘irresistible’ to offer.

They have just as much if not more opportunity to leverage this powerful tactic.

Entrepreneurial service professionals can author a special report or whitepaper—that has high intrinsic value—and ‘gift’ it to prospects.

Or, they can create some simple software or a spreadsheet or template they can provide to prospects.

Or they can provide extremely useful Checklists their sales leads can download.

The list goes on and on.

When they offer something like that, which a prospect would normally expect to pay for, or something the prospect never thought of before, their list of active sales-leads will explode.

At the same time, they’ve demonstrated themselves as an industry authority, and will quickly become the trusted ‘go to’ person who is able to charge higher rates than competitors.

Irresistible offers provide the growth obsessed business entrepreneur with crushing competitive advantage.

Lead pages are the vehicle used to deliver those irresistible offers.

Integrated those two things with automated follow-up systems and you’ve got a DYNAMITE recipe for rapid growth.


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