The 13 Minute Website Tweak That Triples Enquiries

I helped a colleague add data capture to their web site recently. It took 13 minutes, and it will literally transform his business. You can do this too.

I’ll explain exactly how I did it in a moment, but first some background.

When someone tells me their web site’s not generating any sales or enquiries for them, my first question is “How much traffic does your site currently get?”

That’s because unless a website is getting traffic, you don’t know how effective the site is at getting visitors to buy, subscribe or enquire.

My friend didn’t know the answer to that question so we logged into his Google Analytics account, and discovered his site gets between 500 to a 1000 unique visitors each week.

(He admitted that was mainly due to luck getting good search engine rankings on a few relevant industry keywords – lucky based on the small amount of content on his website!)

Anyway, it’s a great start.

The fact’s he’s getting organic traffic from keywords that are relevant to what he sells means his site was at least getting visited by people who were his target audience—qualified prospects in other words.

So my next question was “How many of those visitors make an enquiry?”

His answer?

“Maybe a couple… if I’m lucky!”

A quick glance at his site and the reason was obvious—his website has hardly any content.

It has very few pages, the headlines are ‘weak’, and the graphics don’t really support the message on them.

So that was the scenario.

He was getting a decent stream of ‘free’ traffic from a relevant keyword search term on Google that indicated they were qualified prospects.

But it was having virtually no impact on his bottom-line profits.

However, a quick fix was obvious.

It took me just under 13 minutes minutes to add a form that asks for visitors names and email addresses—in return for a 31 minute recording of him giving a great presentation at a live event.

Now anyone who requests the audio gets some valuable advice for free, and my colleague get’s the chance to follow them up by e-mail and make a sale to everyone who downloaded his presentation.

The free download also ticked a few more boxes – everyone who downloaded it got valuable free training, thereby invoking Cialdini’s Law of Reciprosity

Also by watching a video of my friend giving a presentation on stage in front of a large audience, his prospects will also get to understand he is an expert – so the download will automatically position him as industry authority in their minds.

As you can imagine, this is very helpful – prior to his prospects having a sales call with him!

No Web Design Required

Because the form appears over the top of his web pages—as a ‘modal popup’—we didn’t have to touch his web site design.

All I did was add one line of code to his WordPress installation. If you’re not technical may sound scary but it’s actually very easy to do using services like ConvertKit.

Popups may annoy a few people who visit your site, but popups can noost the number of sign-ups and enquiries your website gets, so it’s definitely worth testing!

Have you tried popups on your site?

Until I added the popup to my friend’s site, the video presentation had been sat on his hard drive doing nothing.

Now, that asset will be instrumental in generating high quality sales leads and a lot of extra business for him, simply by offering it as a free download.

What do you have on your hard drive you can offer as a sales-lead generating incentive?

When my colleague starts paying for traffic—like Google Adwords or direct mail—who knows how many enquiries will be generated now that he has strong sales lead generation place!

If your website is currently not using popups or any sort of ‘interruption’ marketing you may at the very least want to run some quick tests.

Maybe in the next 13 minutes you could add something to your website that has a profound impact on the number of sales and enquiries you get.

What Next?

This was a very quick simple tweak to my friend’s website and the effects for him will be huge.

However, it was only the first of many improvements. You can probably guess at other improvements I’ve suggested to him (I hinted at them above) but one of the biggest things he needs to do is build and deploy lead pages.

When he starts using lead pages I know his sales and enquiries are going to explode.

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