The Best Lead Generation Strategy in the World?

lead generation strategy

In my first book—published back in 2008—I explained what is arguably the single most effective approach to using the Internet to generate high-quality high-volume sales leads.

More than a decade later and it’s still a killer strategy for any business that sells high value products and services.

So, here is a quick-start primer on how to implement the most basic version of this strategy – it shouldn’t take long to implement.

First of all, think of something you can offer prospects—(especially those who have not heard of your business yet and don’t recognise your brand)—that they would really like to get their hands on.

A good example would be a special report (white paper) that blows the lid on myths in your industry, or gives them valuable tips. Or in the case of an e-commerce or retailer it could be a discount voucher customers redeem online or print and take to your store.

When you’ve brainstormed something that has a ‘high perceived value’ in the mind of your prospect (what we call a ‘lead magnet’), you next create a webpage that offers that item, in return for visitors’ names and email addresses (and other details if you require it.)

This special webpage – called a ‘lead page’ – should (in most cases) not link to any other web page (that’s right – not even your main company website or homepage).

Also, your company logo should either be very small, or maybe not even displayed at all! The one and only star of the page should be the gift you’re offering for free in return for prospects details.

Visitors who respond to your on or offline adverts for the free gift and arrive on the page will see a form where they enter their name and email address.

When they do that, the details they enter can be automatically added to an online database using a service like ConvertKit (see my Tools page for more information about that).

Once you’ve done all the above you can promote the page and start building a database of prospect names and email addresses.

So the next step—and this will be on-going—is to regularly send emails to the people who join your email list.

Send More Emails to Sell More!

The content of the emails you send to new subscribers should initially provide more free information and valuable advice – perhaps with a subtle sales message at the bottom.

Once a prospect has been on your email list a week or more, then you can start making sales offers.

But the key is to always respect the people on your email list.

Never ever hammer them over the head with repetitive or badly crafted sales offers, or you risk being labelled a spammer and they’ll unsubscribe in droves.

Respect your list and people will stay on it longer, get more emails from you, and therefore stand more chance of buying more from you over a longer period of time.

In your sales emails you can list telephone numbers or even attach order forms the prospect can print out and fill in to mail or fax back. But more commonly you’ll have links to specific web pages that detail specific products and services you sell.

The Secret to Web Millions…

In this short article you’ve just been given the number one strategy that business builders like Jeff Walker and Eban Pagan use to build multi-million pound businesses.

I used a variation of the above strategy to help me and my business partner build a multi-million pound business here in the UK, and it was nothing to do with Internet Marketing—it was wind turbines!

Whatever your business and industry, the above strategy can be applied either directly, or tweaked to suit.

Let me know how it goes.


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