Three Clever Ways To Brainstorm Powerful Headlines

The offer is the most important thing on most web pages, especially your Lead Pages – which is any kind of page which is aiming to generate sales leads or build your email subscriber list.

The offer on a lead page is usually a free gift, like a free report that your potential customer or client can download once they submit their name or email address.

Coming up with offers is easy when you know how. I’ve talked a lot about that in the past.

I’ve also spent a lot of time talking about lead page design and development and have launched numerous training programmes on the subject over the years.

However, what I’ve not talked about much is the actual process of writing the text to go on your lead pages.

today I want to share three ways to create effective headlines, because your headline will be one of the first things a prospect looks at when they land on your well-designed lead page.

Grab Them By The Eye-Balls

The strength of your lead page’s headline is one of the key factors which determines whether or not visitors stay on your lead page long enough to read the offer.

If they don’t read the offer then they won’t fill out the form and become a sales-lead. It’s all connected.

There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of techniques copywriters use to come up with attention-demanding headlines.

The most obvious, quickest and easiest technique is to simply restate the title of your offer.

So for example, if you’re offering is a free report titled “How to Reduce your Corporation Tax by Up To 34.3% or More in the Next 12 months” then you could just repeat that exact title as your headline.

You can also add a prefix, such as “Revealed:…” then the title, or “Discover:…” then the title. Or, you could add “Free report reveals how to….” then the title.

One headline I’ve had success with on my own lead pages — when offering my paperback books to grow my email list and generate sales leads is “Claim your free copy of… ” then the title of the book, “Email Marketing Dynamite”

There is, however, a caveat with the above strategy.

Even though this worked really well, it did so because the driver of that campaign fully explained what ‘Email Marketing Dynamite’ was.

Now, a ‘driver’ could be a number of things, such as a Google Ads advert, an email campaign, a print advertisement, or even an email from a Joint Venture partner.

If that driver – the strategy used to get people onto the lead page – hadn’t fully explained what ‘Email Marketing Dynamite’ was, then I wouldn’t recommend that headline.

I used to run full page adverts in print magazines offering the book, so anyone who read the advert knew exactly what the book was about – and got them excited about the prospect of getting it for free even before they visited the lead page.

So for that lead page all I had to do was restate the offer.

If I’d instead been using tiny little Google Ads to drive traffic to the lead page I would need to have ramped up my headline, which I would have done using more advanced techniques including the following…

1) Highlight the pain the visitor will suffer if they don’t request the offer.

Let’s use an example of a free report titled “How to reduce your corporation tax by 34.3% or more in the next 12 months”.

A tax expert could offer this on a lead page on their website to capture the details of business owners who are fed up with paying too much corp tax.

In this example you could focus on their pain of paying too much corporation tax.

For example, “Warning: 7 out of 10 corporations paid too much tax in 2010”.

Or “If you’ve just paid HMRC a Huge Corporation Tax Bill, Don’t Read This Free Report – It Will Break Your Heart”

However, for this type of headline to be effective, you also need to follow up with a solution to the pain. For example, “Revealed: Special report shares 3 Simple Ways to Slash Corporation Tax Bills by as Much as 34.3%”

In the above example, I’ve spun the headline on its head so that it outlines the pain, then offers a solution in the sub-headline.

2) Use a ‘JV Headline’.

When I do Joint Ventures with other online marketers, and they promote my free reports to their list, I always include the name of the Joint Venture partner on the lead pages I create for them to send their traffic to.

For example, the headline could be, “Joe Bloggs recommends this special report”, or a similar headline that includes the name of the JV partner.

The reason why this is so effective is because the email subscribers on Joe Blogg’s email list already trust him.

So when they land on your lead page, they will be more likely to enter their email address and request the free gift when they see the JV partner’s name in the headline at the top of the page — trust is implied.

JV headlines (in fact the whole JV traffic sharing tactic itself) is a very powerful way to grow your business. I highly recommend you give this a try.

Moving on – the third way to generate headlines is my personal favourite – although I may be a tad biased because “it’s my baby” …

3) Use The Headline Machine

The Headline Machine is a free software tool I wrote to help me and my Quandary marketing agency staff quickly and easily generate headline ideas in mere seconds.

I decided to make this tool freely available to anyone who wants to use it — although, of course, I put a lead page up so that people have to register in order to use it.

(Yup, primarily to grow my own email list, but also to stop spambots from using it!)

If you would like to give it a whirl, head over to The Headline Machine and register to use it.

The Headline Machine

Within a few minutes of registering you could generate more than a thousand headline ideas. Literally, more than a thousand… I’m not joking! 🙂

If you regularly write headlines for lead pages and sales pages I think you’ll find it rather useful.

There are many more techniques for creating great headlines for your lead pages, including ‘curiosity’ headlines and ‘secret’ headlines which I’ll cover in a future article…

… but The Headline Machine will generate those kind for you too.

Just saying! 😉

Happy headline generating,


Ed Rivis.


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