How to Write a Video Sales Letter Script

How to write a VSL

Years ago, many of the world’s most successful internet marketers were all saying that video was quickly becoming one of the most important types of medium you could add to your online marketing efforts.

Fast forward, and that still holds true today, and I would go so far as to say that anyone who doesn’t use any video in their marketing is leaving money on the table.

Of course, it helps to have a super fast Internet connection. Living on a farm in the Yorkshire countryside meant I only just got high speed Broadband a couple of years ago, so I’m only now able to start implementing video marketing.

My old ISDN connection used to take days to upload even a relatively small video, so it wasn’t a viable tactic for me. Thankfully due to the wonders of fibre-optic technology (and a bloody long cable from the nearest village) I can finally add it to my marketing mix!

Of course I’m more than a few years late to the party. Still… better late then never!

In most cases, adding a well-produced video to a sales web page can significantly boost your conversion rates, above and beyond what a text only sales page can achieve.

In fact, some of your sales pages may not contain any text, and only feature a video on it, with a call to action underneath—like a button the viewer clicks to proceed to the next stage in your sales funnel.

However, before you can first create an effective marketing video you need to write a script… so it all starts with the written word.

The Art & Science of VSL Script Writing

Writing an effective script is both art and science.

It’s art, because it needs to be engaging and entertaining, otherwise most viewers will probably bail after a few seconds.

No one’s going to hang around to watch a flat, boring, uninspiring video.

Experienced video marketers know that getting people to stay to watch a video to the very end can be extremely challenging.

People have such low attention spans these days, combined with excessive demands and workload means you really have to produce compelling videos in order to effectively sell your products and services.

So, you before you go anywhere near the record button you first need to create a kick-ass video script.

How to Create a Kick-Ass Video Script

This is where the science part comes in.

There are a number of distinct stages that you need to cover in your script, in order for it to first engage the viewer and ultimately make them end up desiring your product or service.

However before you start work on your script, you first need to get a clear idea of you target audience and also decide at what point in the customer journey they are intended to see the script.

Is the video going to aimed at someone who has never heard of you before, or is the video intended only for prospects who have already been on your email subscriber list for a while and who are already familiar with what you do?

Depending on how you answer that question will determine what goes in your script.

So with that said, here are the specific sections that the script needs to cover, and in the order it needs to cover them…

  1. Uncover the problem
  2. Connect with your audience
  3. Reveal the solution
  4. Ask them to respond (call to action)
  5. Offer bonus(es)
  6. Final call to action with ‘FOMO’

So let’s look at each step in more detail…

1. Uncover the problem

In the opening section of the video you reveal what’s wrong in your prospect’s world. What’s causing them pain or holding them back from achieving something.

2. Connect with your audience

You go on to explain who you are, and explain that you once had the same problem as them. Or if you didn’t have the same problem, at least explain why you felt the urgent need to address the problem they’re experiencing. (Maybe a family member or close friend had an issue which prompted you to create the solution?)

3. Reveal the solution

Now you have painfully reminded them of the challenge they have, and established your credentials, you introduce the solution, and explain why it’s the best approach to solving their specific problem.

4. Ask them to respond (call to action)

After you’ve fully explained all the ways in which your solution alleviates the problems they are experiencing you now urge them to respond to your offer.

This is called the ‘Call to Action’.

In simple terms you’re asking them to buy what you’re offering — or if not buy, at least take the next step in your sales process, which could one as simple as filling out a form to submit an enquiry (and become a sales lead).

5. Offer bonus(es)

As an optional extra, you can offer one or more valuable bonuses which the get if they take action after watching the video.

Now then I say valuable, I mean ‘valuable’ in the mind of your prospect. Your bonus(es) don’t have to cost you anything to deliver.

For example your bonus could be to give them free access to an online video training course which you well for £997.

That way they get something extremely valuable but which doesn’t cost you anything to deliver. It’s Win/Win… and extremely compelling.

6. Make a final call to action

End the video with a quick final call to action, encouraging them to respond to your offer, and reminding them off your bonuses and also state a deadline if there is one.

For example your bonuses may only be available for the next 24 hours (this is possible using amazing services like Deadline Funnel … but more about that another day!)


As mentioned, creating effective Video Sales letters is both an art and a science.

Obviously there’s a lot more to it than just writing a script. In future articles I’ll explain the entire process of creating an effective VSL, but for now I hope this article has given you a good idea of what goes into drafting an effective VSL.

There are no hard and fast rules, but the above script has been used with great success, and I trust it will work for you too.

Happy video scripting,


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