How to Brainstorm 300+ Ideas for Content in 5 Minutes

Today I want to share with you a free tool which I believe is one of the most useful things I’ve ever made.

It’s for anyone who wants to grow their business faster using the Internet.

Content Idea Generator helps online marketers to quickly brainstorm ideas for blog posts, articles and other types of online content.

All you do is answer eighteen simple questions about your business and what you sell. You then click a button and voila… it instantly gives you more than 365 title for things you can talk about.

You can then turn that title into a blog article for your website, a Facebook post, a LinkedIn and Medium article, Instagram content, tweets on Twitter, and so on.

As the ‘ultimate expert’ in your company, producing fresh content is easy, but coming up with fresh ideas is always the hard part which is why I made this tool for me and my team, and I’m delighted to share it with you too.


If you’ve ever heard that phase, you’ll already know that being able to come up with great ideas for content is one of the most important aspects of online marketing these days.

Websites that get updated with fresh content more often than their competitors are generally favoured more by Google.

Social Media accounts that get updated more often generate higher levels of engagement with their audience.

Email marketing that is done once a fortnight will always outperform email marketing that is only done once a month.

A YouTube channel that gets a new video every week will grow a lot faster than a channel that only gets a new video once every blue moon.

Content really is King.

Regularly posting useful content on your website and social media profiles is a powerful way of building trust and credibility in the minds of both your existing customers and clients and potential customers and clients too.

With a consistently frequent content marketing strategy, you will automatically find you company website on page 1 of Google for a lot more keywords, and put your customer and client attraction on autopilot as those articles increase your website traffic, year on year.

It also means you can start email marketing, which even in 2021 is still one of the most powerfully effective ways to communicate with your customers and clients and sell more.

So with all this in mind, I trust you’ll find the Content Idea Generator extremely useful!

My team enjoy using the Content Idea Generator to create content for the clients of my content marketing agency, and I trust you’ll enjoy using it too.

Happy Content Marketing!


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Ed Rivis