The Super Simple Content Marketing Formula for More Sales

Here’s the simple formula that generates more sales leads and enquiries, and ultimately helps you sell more of your products and services…


It’s that simple.

If you want better results from your digital marketing efforts, simply add more (and better quality) content.

To start with…

Review Your Website

If your website’s like most small business websites then I’m guessing it doesn’t have anywhere near enough content.

There will almost certainly be opportunities to…

  • Add more details about what your products and services do.
  • Add more explanation of how they benefit people, and how your existing/preview customers and clients have achieved great results.
  • Add more details of warranties and guarantees, if you offer them.
  • Add more (and better quality) images – showing your product or service actually being used.
  • Add more high quality video to support written content wherever possible.
  • Add more headlines – bigger, better, bolder headlines at the top of every page.
  • Add more enquiry forms – and make sure your phone number and contact details are prominently displayed on every page.
  • Add more calls to action – because every page on your website should explicitly say what you want the reader to do next… buy, enquire or subscribe?

Adding more content to your website doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – or even cost anything if you can update it yourself.

And once you’ve done all the above, don’t stop there!

Adding content to your site is not just a ‘once and done until the next total web redesign’ kind of deal.

You also need to…

Build a Content Generating ‘Machine’

Every week you should be consistently adding well written, high quality, ‘keyword rich’ content.

For optimal results you need to…

  • Publish a new Blog Post at least once every week.
  • Email your subscribers a link to the new content with a short explanation of why they should read it — what will they learn, discover, save or maximise?
  • Then share your blog post link on social media channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest… wherever makes sense for your target audience.

And for extra bonus points…

  • Turn your blog posts into videos, upload them to YouTube then embed the video in your blog posts.

And if you want to really ‘go pro’ …

  • Repurpose your videos into shorter snippets, and post them across your social media channels too.

Of course this all sounds like a lot of work and potentially hard to track and manage.

And it is, unless you…

Systematize the Super Simple Content Marketing Formula

Use software like Notion, CoSchedule or SmartSheet to make sure it all happens without fail, like clockwork, week in week out.

Do all this and you’ll be in small minority of people in your industry who are properly performing content marketing. You’ll be getting leverage on the insatiable appetite your potential customer and clients have for information—and demonstrate superiority through the power of authority marketing.

Yes, all the above is a lot of work. But within a short time you’ll start to stand out, and ‘become outstanding’ within your industry.

‘Content is King!

One final benefit of the super simple content marketing formula is that the necessity to pay for traffic will diminish, as your content starts seeding and propagate your brand around the Internet, and in the hearts and minds of your target audience.

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