The 3 Hidden Benefits of Content Marketing

In a previous article I explained what content marketing is, and revealed the seven biggest benefits of building content marketing into everything you do.

In this article I want to talk about three additional ways that content marketing can massively benefit you and your business.

These three things aren’t immediately obvious, but will almost certainly happen once you build content marketing into the fabric of everything you do.

1. Content Marketing Opens Doors.

As you gradually build up a large body of content, and raise your industry profile, it’s quite likely other industry experts will seek you out for collaborations.

This happened to me.

After I’d built up a large body of content on my website, I was headhunted to do public speaking for a business training company. So from 2008 to 2011 I ended up speaking live on-stage to more than 4,000 small business owners at various events around the UK.

It was an amazing time. I made money, met amazing people and had a blast… and it was all because I started content marketing a few years earlier.


2. Content marketing builds lists.

If you’ve every heard the phrase “The money’s in the list” then you’ll know that having a large email subscriber database is an incredibly valuable asset.

When you can send a single email to thousands or even tens of thousands of potential customers you have massive competitive advantage.

By regularly performing content marketing you will not only grow your list faster, you will also be able to build and grow your relationship with the people on your list, because you’ll be regularly publishing great content for them to read, watch or listen to.

Anyone who knows anything about email marketing will tell you, the money’s not actually in the list… it’s in the relationship you have with the people on your list.

The more the people on your email list revere what you say, then the more sales you’ll make when you run sales promotions to them. It’s that simple.

Content marketing is the way you build a strong relationship with them, rather than just trying to sell them something every single time you email them.

Another ‘hidden’ benefit of content marketing is that…

3. Content Marketing is one of the easiest ways to become a published author.

A book is one of the ultimate positioning tools you can have in your marketing war-chest.

Once you become a publisher author, you’ll join the ranks of industry peers who have become published authors, and elevated their status to that of ‘recognised expert’.

In fact when you perform content marketing consistently, you won’t just be an author of a book, you could easily become the author of a series of books.

There are so many authors these days – a lot of business owners have embraced the concept of becoming a published author as a way of positioning themselves.

However, very few business owners have published a whole series of books. That puts you in an even more exclusive category of business authors.

I’m currently writing my fourth book. To some people that sounds impressive but at last count marketing guru Seth Godin has written 19 books, and Dan Kennedy has written more than 25 books. No doubt more are on their way!

If you consistently write and publish great content for your blog and social media channels, over time you create enough content to quickly repurpose into multiple books.

Best of all, you can pay other people to do that for you – because all they’re doing is ‘massaging’ what you already wrote and published in a different format.

Okay, so you can probably tell by now that I’m a massive fan of content marketing. It’s been life-changing for me, and it could be for you too.

However, I do need to temper this by letting you know about the challenges you’ll face, because of course anything that has such compelling benefits isn’t going to be easy!

In my next article I’ll reveal the biggest challenges you’re going to face as you become a prolific publisher of high quality content.

More importantly, I’ll explain how you can overcome every single one of those challenges and become a content marketing pro.

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