Content Marketing Hack: How to Write Lots… Without Writing?!

I just published a Youtube Shorts video (portrait format, less than 60 seconds long) that reveals a quick way to write articles without having to actually write much!

In that video I share some really cool video editing software called Descript — that I heard about a few days ago after watching a video by YouTuber Joe Gannon.

What’s really cool about this software is that it automatically transcribes the video that you upload… and then to edit the video you literally just delete words, sentences or even complete paragraphs from the transcript and the software then automatically deletes the appropriate segment of video from your uploaded footage.

It’s fantastic.

For example in your video did you accidentally repeat a word?

No problem. Select the word, hit Delete, and the offending word disappears from the video as well as the transript.

Any Umms and aaahs and errrrs in there?

Delete, delete, delete!

And so on.

Then when you’re finished you can export the final video and put it on Youtube or your blog or wherever. (I took my footage into Adobe After Effects to make the above video with the fancy graphics, but even without that extra editing it would have been okay to upload.)

Why am I so excited about this software?

Because it makes producing written content super easy.

As the author of three books, countless articles, reports and white-papers and thousands of blog posts over the last (15?) years … I’m primarily a writer. I spend hours in front of a keyboard each day.

And now this software has gifted me a new super-productive workflow…

How to Turn a Short List Into Written Content, Super Fast!

So let’s say you have an idea for a blog post, or a report, whitepaper or even a book.

All you need to do is…

  1. Create a list of the sections in whatever you’re writing.
  2. Next, point a video camera at your face and hit record!
  3. Talk through each item in the list. Don’t worry if you mess things up, just keep on recording.
  4. Upload the recording into Descript and let it transcribe your video.
  5. Once it’s finished transcribing, go through it and delete all the repetitions, fluffed-words, mistakes, pauses and gaps, etc.

And that’s it.

At this point you now two assets —

  • A video that may be good enough to upload to Youtube, and more importantly for us writers, you now have…
  • A draft article which you can quickly ‘polish off’ into your final masterpiece.

Can You Really Use this Technique to Write a Book?

I confirm that Yes, you can use this technique to write a book, because it’s the exact process I used to write my second book ‘Email Marketing Dynamite’ in less than 40 hours.

Sidenote: All of my paperback books are out of print now. Internet Marketing moves so fast that some of the tactics in them became out of date so I need to update them. Subscribe to this site to make sure you hear about my new book when it comes out – it’ll be a corker! 🙂


Use your phone to record a short video of yourself talking about something your prospective customers or clients would find interesting and useful.

Then download the free version of Descript, and let it transcribe the video for you.

Edit the transcription, et voilà… an instant blog post!

I hope this has given you a useful tactic that you can try to make put your content marketing efforts into top gear.

Happy transcribing!


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