(Here's what I spend most of my time on these days)

I help consultants, coaches & trainers change their business model to escape from 'time for money' to passive income generation... so they can earn more, but work less.

I'm currently interviewing as many freelance consultants as possible over the next few weeks to explore what their biggest challenges are, in terms of selling their 'time for money'.

If you are a freelance consultant, coach or trainer - book a call with me so I can pick your brains about your biggest challenges...  in return you can pick my brains about effective web marketing.

Why would you want to pick my brains?

Well, I'm a three times published author and since 2008 have created and sold more than a dozen information products on the subject of digital marketing, information products, seo and much more.

If you want to know how to use the web to boost your revenues, in a short phone call I can probably tell you enough to vastly improve the results you get from your online marketing. (Plus I get to interview you fo my next venture too - win win!)

Book a free call with me and I look forward to our chat shortly.

Ed Rivis

Ed Rivis

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