How Well Do you Know Your Conversion Rates?

If you don’t know your website’s conversion rate, then you don’t know whether your website is effective.

You could be wasting a tonne of money on web design, content creation and pay per click advertising.

In case the phrase is new to you—Conversion Rate is simply the number of people who buy or enquire as a direct result of visiting your website. And it’s a SUPER IMPORTANT statistic.

It’s expressed as a percentage of the total number of visitors to your website.

So for example, if 1,000 people visited your website last month, and 100 of them filled out a lead page, an enquiry form or phoned you using the number on your ‘Contact Us’ page, then your website would have achieved a 10% conversion rate.

It’s hyper-critical to monitor your conversion rate, because with a great conversion rate you can then spend money driving traffic to your website, and generate a healthy return on that investment.

However if your website has a poor conversion rate then you shouldn’t spend money driving traffic to your website—you should first work on fixing the website to improve it’s conversion rate—otherwise the money you spend on traffic is simply going to be wasted.

If you don’t know your conversion rate…

Spending Money on Internet Marketing is a Gamble

Because you won’t know what your return on investment is.

Sadly, most of the small business owners who I’ve met at seminars and workshops either don’t know their CR%, or they do, but are struggling to achieve even 2% conversion.

That means for every 100 visitors a website receives, 98 or 99 of them are leaving without buying or enquiring.

The trick is to not only get more people to your website, but to make sure more of them take action (i.e. convert) when they get there.

Take Action

Ask your web developer to set up a monthly web performance report, which includes your conversion rate.

It can be automated using services like Google Analytics so they only have to do it once. Then you’ll automatically receive reports every week, month and quarter.

Secondly, make a point of using your monthly reports to improve your conversion rate.

And with that said, here are three major things you can do to immediately increase your conversion rate…

  • Make your website load faster — with better web hosting, and using a fantastic service like Cloudflare.
  • Improve your website’s graphic design — because amateur looking websites have higher bounce rates which lower your conversion rate.
  • Use lead pages — which I have written about extensively on my blog. They’re a special kind of web page that gets far higher conversion rate than a normal web page.

And by the way, those three things are listed in order of implementation.

Make sure your website loads fast It’s more important than having a fancy web design. If your site loads slowly, no one will hang around to wait for pages to load slowly… and you won’t get much conversion.

Once you’ve got a fast loading website that looks great, your bounce rate will automatically drop, and you can then implement lead pages

and watch your conversion rate sky-rocket!

Happy converting!


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