Who, me?

Ed Rivis

I’m a UK based Internet Marketing consultant, as well as a company director and investor. (My investment website is here.).

I became a self-employed consultant back in 1996, initially as a freelance systems analyst and database developer, and I also occasionally designed websites for this newfangled thing called ‘the internet’!

Gradually I got more and more involved in the web design side of things, and ended up being borderline obsessed with web design—although I was focused on how the websites looked rather than how much business they actually generated for my clients.

Sadly that’s still a common mistake made by many website designers!

I knew that wasn’t good though, so in 2003 I attended what was billed as ‘the world’s most expensive marketing seminar’… and I never looked back.

I learnt the concept of ‘direct response marketing’ and as a result totally changed my approach from creating flashy, snazzy websites that looked amazing but said very little, to instead creating websites that looked ‘simple’ but contained lots of interesting and useful information.

The difference in results was staggering, and I quickly developed a reputation for giving advice that actually worked. (Shock! Horror!!)

Becoming an Author

As a result of all the things I achieved from 2003 onwards, in 2008 I decided to become an author and ended up publishing three books about Internet marketing…

Books by Ed Rivis

Unfortunately I didn’t make the books ‘evergreen’, and the web moves so fast they’re all out of date now!

That said, I may roll them all in to a combined ‘fourth edition’ as and when I decide to focus on that area again—but at the moment I’m focused on creating and delivering advanced online training.

As a result of my three books and my DVD training products, I was head-hunted by a seminar promtions company and asked to speak at their live events.

Public Speaking

I love travelling and (maybe because I live in the quiet Yorkshire countryside) love my ‘big city’ trips.

Which was just as well because…

Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash

From 2008 to 2011 I spoke at various live events around the UK and found myself in London almost every fortnight.

During those three years I spoke live to more than 4,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs, and I even ended up putting on my own 1-day seminars and 3-day private workshops in London and Leeds.

Presenting at one of my one-day seminars at the Novotel near St. Pancras, 2010

However due to serious illness of a close relative, in 2011 I stopped public speaking and gradually stopped working as an Internet Marketing consultant.

Ironically, a new business opportunity (which suited my personal circumstances back in 2011) reared its head — and with a business partner set up a handful of companies which collectively made me a multi-millionaire.

That in part was achieved by implementing the same online marketing tactics I’d been teaching all those years.

(If you ever read my old blog or saw one of my live talks you know the tactics I’m talking about! If not, check out my blog because now I’m back online all those tactics will be covered and updated as I progress.)

Anyway, the new companies I co-founded took the lion’s share of my time from 2011 up to the present day, but those same companies are more or less running on auto-pilot and I find myself with time to once again resume my Internet Marketing consulting activities — which has always been, at least since 2003, one of the most enjoyable, fun and often exhilarating things I’ve ever done in business!

Online / Offline

Most of what I do these days though is online — I don’t do public speaking any more, although it was fun and I may start again at some point in the future.

Never say never!

Out of Hours

In my spare time I enjoy reading business books, inspirational biographies and hard-boiled detective novels (Robert Crais books are awesome), dabble with a sketch pen and a paintbrush, watch great films, and have fantastic holidays with my family, hopefully involving either skiiing or scuba diving (although ideally not at the same time! 🙂

So that’s me. It’s maybe plain to see that one of my biggest passions of all is teaching and I only teach Internet Marketing that I know works, and have used myself.

I genuinely enjoy sharing what I’ve learnt about Internet Marketing and that’s the “raison d’etre” for this website.

I hope you find it useful.

All my best,

Ed Rivis

Ed in NYC
Guess where 😉


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