Discover How to Use Web Marketing to Grow Your Small Business.

This is the blog of internet marketing consultant Ed Rivis. It’s for small business owners who sell high value, technical or complex products and services.

If you want to know how to plan and build web marketing systems that increase sales by (quite literally!) hundreds of percent.

On this site there’s advice on how to…

  • Automate your online marketing using clever business systems.
  • Attract large volumes of traffic to your website using white-hat tactics.
  • Write powerful copy that ethically convinces and persuades.
  • Build a large email list of engaged and interested subscribers.
  • Generate qualified sales-leads using lead pages and pre-sell sites.
  • Perform content marketing that positions you as a ‘thought leader’.
  • Implement passive income systems that open up new revenue streams.

Me and my business partner have used the marketing strategies explained on this website to generate millions of dollars of high value sales leads and actual sales.

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Ed Rivis


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