“I just want it to Sell, Sell, Sell!”

I ran a survey a while ago and asked my audience of more than ten thousand email subscribers ‘What was the number one thing they wanted to achieve with Internet Marketing?’

I got lots of long detailed answers, but it was one of the shortest responses which really stuck out…

“Ed, I just want my website to sell, sell, sell!”

At the end of the day, for most business owners, that’s all it really boils down to.

Yes you can get fancy with funnels, create jazzy video sales letters and pay someone to build you a website that makes your business look amazing.

But if none of that generates any sales, then what’s the point!!

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

I built my first website way back in 1996. I started teaching Internet Marketing in 2003.

Since then I’ve helped more than 50,000 online entrepreneurs & small business owners use Internet Marketing…

  • To create better content and automate their online marketing
  • To attract tens of thousands of visitors to their websites
  • To generate huge volumes of sales-leads and customer enquiries
  • To Sell, Sell, sell!

A lot of the advice I give is centred on simplifying things. Cutting out all the unnecessary steps in a sales funnel. Refining sales messages so they exactly match what their audience are looking for. Implementing simple tracking and analytics that allow incremental (and sometimes exponential) increases in enquiries and sales. And focusing on providing value first and foremost.

Implemented correctly, these strategies can result in phenomenal business growth—and on this website I explain exactly how to implement them.

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